Pack Classic Tent for Two

Pack Description

Like the other years you have available on Camping Free Spirit Campers the pack with a pre-pitched tent, classic style, very spacious and with mosquito net.

Tent for 2 persons

This pack is available for check-in from 4th of August of 2018 or from 7th of August of 2018. On both dates check-in is from 12:00pm.

Included in the Pack

  • Tent for 2 persons
  • 2 individual camping mattress
  • Tent dimensions: 1.8m (width) x 3.20m (length) x 1.12m (height)
  • Tent Area: 5,76m2

Excluded From Pack

  • Ticket to the festival not included

Upgrade Options

  • Double air mattress: 30€/2 persons
  • Sleeping Bag 35€/person (its's yours at the end of the festival)
  • Breakfast: 7€/day/person

From €16.00/night/person