Pack Set-Up-Yourself

Pack Description

You don't want to carry the tent, the mattress and the sleeping bag behind your back? You don't want to spend money on stuff that you'll only use once and only for the festival?

Free Spirit Campers have the solution for you.

Rent the Set-Up-Yourself pack, with tent and two camping mats. After pick up your pack you can mount it in the free camping area of the festival and at the end of the festival you only have to return it in the same place where you raise it.

To the basic pack you can add, as an extra, the sleeping bag or an inflatable pillow.

How can you pickup your Set-up-Yourself pack at the festival?

Head to the Free Spirit Campers area within the Meo Sudoeste camping and pick up your pack

Included in the Pack

  • Tent for 2 Persons
  • 2 individual camping mattresses
  • Tent Dimensions: 2,05m (width) x 1,4m (length) x 1,00m (height)
  • Tent Area: 2,87m2

Excluded from pack

  • Ticket to the festival not included

Upgrade Options

  • Sleeping Bag 35€/person (its's yours at the end of the festival)
  • Inflatable pillow: 10€/person

From €49.50/person