Tent 2 Seconds


Designed for 2 people looking for an easy and fast tent to assemble and disassemble.

Dimensinons And Weight
Folded dimensions: Room 120cm wide by 210cm long. Maximum useful height: 98 cm. Weight: 3,2 kg Grant: Disco plane with 66 cm in diameter.
Assembly / Disassembly
Pop-up. Freestanding tent (after mounted, you can place it wherever you want and, if there is no wind, no need to use stakes = direct use!). Folding easy thanks to guided folding system.
Input / Output
Front, effective and easy: large door with a single zip. It is not necessary to go over his partner to leave. The flap protects the top of the door.
All Quechua tents are validated in the laboratory: the WHOLE TENT under 200 liters / hour / m² (200 mm / hour) and for 4 hours! and field tested. (Double roof coated polyester PU 2000mm, floor 120g / m² polyethylene, all seams waterproofed with thermo-bonded tape). Important: the camera breathable polyester under the double roof allows to avoid contact of water droplets resulting from condensation naturally settle on the inner face of the double ceiling.
1 and 2 above spaces between the double ceiling and the floor on each side of the center of the room to allow for air exchange and limit the natural phenomenon of condensation. Thanks to the flap of the door, it is possible to leave the open top of the clasp, even when it rains.
Resistance To Wind
Tested all stalls in a wind tunnel on a turntable to expose each face of the tent in the wind. The tent after riding well with all the strings well placed around the tent must remain habitable with a wind of 50 km / h speed to the ground.
UV (UV protection)
The double ceiling fabric filters out UV with 30 UPF.