Terms And Conditions

You can find in this page the Terms and Conditions for every Free Spirit Campers renting solution.

Each tab represent a renting solution.

For booking the vehicle, the lessee will pay 50% of the total rental price to Free Spirit Campers. This payment can be made by bank transfer or by credit card.

If, however, effect the cancellation of booking, this will be subject to cancellation rates. The confirmation of a reservation will be made after verification of payment of the amount realized.

The remaining 50% of the total rental must be paid by the lessee up to 10 days before the start of the rental period. If the lessee doesn’t make payment of this value in that period without contact Free Spirit Campers, the booking will be canceled without refund of the amount paid initially.

Changing a booking shall be subject to availability of vehicles.

In case of cancellation, the Free Spirit Campers, apply the following rates:

  - up to 21 days before the start of the rental: 15% of the amount paid at time of the reservation.
  - between 21-14 days before the start of rental: 50% of the amount paid at time of the reservation.
  - between 14-07 days before the start of rental: 75% of the amount paid at time of the reservation.
  - less than 7 days before the start of rental: 100% of the amount paid at the time of the reservation.

At the time of pickup of the vehicle, the presentation of Identification document is required (passport, ID card or citizen's card), tax card and driving license. If the lessee driving license, is from countries outside the European Union or countries which Portugal has signed reciprocity agreements, such as Sao Tome and Principe, Mozambique, Andorra, Angola, Cape Verde and Brazil, the lessee must present the International Driving card.

The driving license should be from the same person of the credit card holder. If not, a second driver should be registered and this means that the Premium Insurance should be contracted.

The minimum age for renting a Free Spirit Campers campervan, is 25 years old. However, drivers under 25 and over 65 years old, an additional supplement of 5 € / day up to a maximum of 50 € per rental will be applied.

The vehicle can be driven by an additional driver but Free Spirit Campers will apply a cost of 40 € / rental. When the contract is sign, the lessee must inform that the vehicle should be driven by more than one driver. Additional drivers should always respect the rules of the age of driving experience.

Our office is opened from Monday to Friday, from 10-17h.

We can also pick-up or drop-off the campervan, during our working hours, at the following places with the following surcharge:

- Lisbon International Airport - Surcharge 25€;
- OPorto Airport - Surcharge 99€;
- Faro Airport - Surchage 99€;
- Santa Apolónia train station - Surcharge 25€;
- Sete Rios bus station - Surcharge 25€;
- Other places - contact us;

We can deliver the campervan on Saturday but with an additional surcharge.

The campervan is delivered in the contract date with Free Spirit Campers.

The delivery and return of the campervan, will be on the opening hours of Free Spirit Campers at the time of 10h-17h from Monday to Friday. Out of the working hours Free Spirit Campers, reserves the right to apply additional charges.

The act of surrender of the vehicle, the lessee recognizes that the delivery vehicle is in good working order, clean, equipped with all accessories and in good condition, showing no apparent defects. If in the act of delivering, the vehicle is defective, the lessee shall indemnify the Free Spirit Campers. The cost of damage of repair, will be charged to the amount of the deductible stipulated in the vehicle rental agreement.

The lessee is obliged to keep the vehicle in good condition and cleanliness, pledging to return it to Free Spirit Campers, along with all documents and accessories for the same, under the conditions it was delivered to him and the date specified in term of this contract. If the vehicle is dirty inside or outside, a fee of 80€ will be charged. A fee of 25€ will be charged if the chemical toilet is dirty and full of grey water.

The delay in delivery of the vehicle at the end of the rental agreement, lessee is obliged to pay to Free Spirit Campers, an amount calculated on the basis of three times the daily rate charged by the rental company for the vehicle object of the contract.

The lessee is responsible for all loss or damage including the theft of the vehicle, if this is not delivered to an employee of Free Spirit Campers.

The lessee is responsible for all fines, including parking and fines for speeding during the contract period.

The Free Spirit Campers reserves the right to supply the lessee private data to authorities in the event of infringement.

In addition to the fine amount, an administrative fee of 40 € will be charged to lessee.

At the delivery time of the vehicle, the same is provided with a full tank and should be handed over to Free Spirit Campers alike. If the vehicle does not have a full tank, upon delivery of the vehicle by the lessee, it must be returned with the fuel level as indicated by Free Spirit Campers. Failure to comply with the agreement will be subject to additional debts of credit card and a fee of 100 €.

We don't accept domestic animals. If we found that the campervan was used by domestic animals we'll apply a fee of 100€. This fee is automatically taken from the deposit leaved by the lessee.

The lessee must take care of the vehicle, making sure that it is correctly locked and in a secure location when not in use and put the proper fuel (diesel). The lessee agrees also not to use or not to allow the use of the vehicle in the following situations:

a) To carry out transport of passengers or goods in violation of the law;
b) To practice sports or events, whether they are official or not;
c) By a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs that reduces your responsiveness;
d) For persons that have a driving license for less than a year;
e) For persons that are not authorized drivers, that are not identified in the contract;
f) Outside the Portuguese territory unless it has express authorization;

All vehicles are delivered in perfect working order, equipped with all accessories, showing no apparent defects. If happens any mechanical or electrical problem in the vehicle, the lessee must immobilize the vehicle immediately and contact Free Spirit Campers who will give you instructions to how to proceed. If lessee can’t solve the problem on the spot, the lessee may make repairs at an authorized service mark, by prior arrangement with the Free Spirit Campers. All costs of the repair will be paid by the Free Spirit Campers if it’s proved that the damage was not caused by misuse of the vehicle or if the vehicle was not placed in extreme situations of his normal use.

If the vehicle is unable due to breakdown or accident, and there is no repair possibility on the local, Free Spirit Campers will send a trailer.

All campevans may be equipped with some optional extras with a respective charge. All costs relating to the choice of complementary extras will be included in the final price. This extras should be, if possible, booked at the same time as the campervan booking.

The extension of the rental is subject to availability of Free Spirit Campers.

If Free Spirit Campers is unable to carry out the extension, the lessee must deliver the vehicle on the date and hour specified for the end of contract.

The lessee shall pay all sums due, such as:

a) The value for the vehicle rental;
b) Value of the subscribed insurance option;
c) Value relating to crossing in tolls / parking areas with the use of Via Verde;
d) Value relating any parking ticket, speeding or other traffic ticket;
e) The value of expenditure, damages made in the vehicle or equipment provided with it, fees for misuse and changes in terms of delivery of the vehicle, such as cleaning, fuel and damage occurring there in. Charges for personal accident, insurance windows, additional accessories, and any other expenses in accordance with the applicable tariff or constant rates of the particular conditions of this contract;
f) Costs incurred by the Free Spirit Campers emerging from the collection of payments owed by the lessee as a result of this contract, including attorneys fees;
g) Administrative expenses of € 30 in case of accident;

In this contract, a deposit will be made to the lessee by credit card, Visa or Mastercard, which will be required at vehicle delivery act. The deposit will be equivalent to the amount of the insurance deductible, given the choice of safe option. This value will be require in the lessee’s credit card and the guarantee of payment of the insurance deductible in case of damages or accident, and any damage or loss made on the vehicle during the rental period. If this value is not authorized by the bank or by the proprietor of the credit card, Free Spirit Campers will not realize the rental agreement. In this case there will not be entitled to a refund of amounts paid in reserve by the lessee.

At the end of the renting period agreed, when the lessee deliver the vehicle to Free Spirit Campers, the deposit will be returned, if the car is found as it was delivered before use.

In case of damage, Free Spirit Campers will calculate the amount of the expense and the amount will be deducted from the deposit. If the cost of the damage exceeds the value of the security lodged, the lessee will be responsible for paying the difference between the total value of the damage caused and the value of security lodged.

The reservation of the camping equipment must be done at least 72 hours before the desired date. The reservations may be made by email, phone or directly in our online renting store. For the outdoor rental you must have more than 18 years old.

The paymnet must be made 50% in advance. After reservation, you have 24 hours to do the payment. In the time of pick up, you must pay the rest.

The payment of 50% in advance must be made by bank transfer or credit card. At check-in, when the equipment is given to the client, the payment could be made by money.

To cancel an order, lessee can send an e-mail with your booking reference number (issued when your booking is confirmed), but we applied some charges.

If you cancel the order 24 hours before, we applied a tax of 25% of reservation. After that, we don’t return the money back.

You must indicate a number of credit card on the reservation act.

In all camping equipment rentals, the deposit if the equipment is found dirty is 50 €.

If the equipment is damaged, costs will apply depending on the situation and gear.

If the lessee loses the equipment it will be deducted three times the value of the same equipment in credit card..

Our office is opened from Monday to Friday, from 10-17h.

We can also deliver your order at:

- Lisbon International Airport - Surcharge 25€;
- Santa Apolónia train station - Surcharge 25€;
- Sete Rios bus station - Surcharge 25€;

If delivery is made outside working hours a surcharge of 30 € will apply.

We can deliver your reservation on Saturday but will apply a surcharge of 50 €.

Client can deliver the equipment on Saturday but we will apply a surcharge of 50 €.

We don't work on Sunday.

The camping equipment should be used in authorised places like camping sites.

Wild camping is prohibited in Portugal, but in Portugal there is a great choice of camping sites.

All equipment must be returned in good condition and clean. All pieces of equipment must be checked back in with an Free Spirit Campers staff member. Anyone leaving equipment demaged or dirty will lose all future rental privileges.

Please treat the equipment with care so others may fully enjoy it. Renters who return dirty gear will be charged a cleaning fee of 50€.

If you want to extend your experience, you must report at least 24 hours in advance before delivery of equipment without implementation costs. Depending always of having availability for the desired dates.

If you notify Free Spirit Campers on the day of return you will have a fee of 50 €/day.